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Your Editor-in-Chief

Michael Doherty

Professor Of Law,
Lancaster University

Your Articles Editorial Collective

Joaquín Santuber

Assistant Professor of Law and Technology,
Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia

Katri Nousiainen

Researcher & Teaching Faculty,
Harvard University; Researcher,
University of Cambridge

Arianna Rossi

Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa

Lisa Toohey

Faculty of Law & Justice,
University of New South Wales

Rossana Ducato

Associate Professor in IT Law & Regulation, School of Law, University of Aberdeen

Your Studio Editorial Collective

Dan Jackson

Executive Director,

Astrid Kohlmeier

AK | Let’s do legal design!

Marco Imperiale

Founder and Managing Director,
Better Ipsum

Marie Potel-Saville

Impact Innovation Founder

Lieke Beelen

Founder & CEO,
Visual Contracts

Your News Editorial Collective

Gökçe Kanbur

Lawyer, Legal Designer

Ata Meriç Tarhan

Legal Designer and Trainee Lawyer,
Mercedes-Benz Türk

Sezer Selvi

Digital Finance Management, Discover @Vodafone, Content Writer

Sebastian Campo Toro

Legal Tech & Design, International Law, ADR

Abdul Rehman Khan

Assistant Clinical Professor,
Seton Hall University School of Law

Your Technical Editor

Hallie Jay Pope

NJ Legal Design Lab

Your Design Team

Tobias Heumann

Bureau Nuts

Astrid Kohlmeier

AK | Let’s do legal design!

Your Business Development Contact

Alexander Gavis

Adjunct Professor of Law,  Special Counsel