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A warm welcome to the Legal Design Journal!


This is the first academic journal dedicated to the world of legal design. The original organizers of this journal come from four continents, eleven countries, sixteen academic institutions, fifteen organizations, and countless perspectives. We have chosen a deliberately expansive and exploratory editorial frame for the first two years (and four editions) of the Legal Design Journal. We’ve done so in order to engage in a period of editorial co-design with those who have something to say about this subject.

Our goal is to provide a platform for great quality legal design work, and to make this as accessible as possible. Our open-access policy is central to our vision of our legal design community of practice. We hope the Journal can provide a bridge between academic and applied practical work in the field of legal design and help to further connect the legal and design worlds.

We launched the Journal at the amazing Legal Design Summit in Helsinki in September 2023. Our aim is to get our first call for contributions out VERY soon and to publish our first issue in Summer 2024. Please follow us to learn why we put the Journal together, its structure and goals, information on how you can submit your legal design work (academic or practical) to us, and how we can help you reach a really wide audience for your work.

All the best,

Michael Doherty,